New Year's Resolutions

Massage can save your New Year’s resolution

It’s about that time… mid-late January. You have been working hard for a couple weeks on that New Year’s resolution but your momentum is slowing. Somehow that spark that you had at the beginning of the year is fading and the excitement is dwindling. Maybe your body is aching from that new workout you have been trying or frustration of the “new year, new you” mentality has caused more stress and sleepless nights then its worth. Don’t feel bad- you are absolutely not alone. As a matter of fact, 80% of us quit our resolutions by February, which proves that change is definitely difficult.

Health and Wellness is a common resolution that people often make. Living a happy, healthy life is what we strive to do these days. We want to eat better, add that extra workout (or any workout) into your routine, sleep better, lower stress and anxiety, the list goes on and on… What if I told you massage could help? Yes, that’s right… massage. Here are a few ways how:


According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) insufficient sleep is associated with a number of chronic disease and conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression and anxiety. It also has been known to effect cognitive impairment, memory, overall athletic/professional performance and daily energy levels. Anyone that has had any long term sleep issues or insomnia will agree that it is incredibly frustrating and can affect pretty much every avenue of your life. Here’s where massage comes in. Massage increases your serotonin levels- the natural chemical/neurotransmitter- and the precursor to melatonin, which is the natural chemical to cause sleep. Not only does it relax you but it literally can cause you to get better sleep!


Now that we have you sleeping better and your energy level in increased throughout the day lets work on athletic performance. Is your body stiff from hitting that new workout? Do your legs feel like tree trunks and your body just isn’t recovering like it used to? Massage can absolutely help! Massage can break up the adhesions and micro tears that workouts may cause allowing better blood flow and decreasing recovery time from strenuous workouts. It has also been known to increase your range of motion, decrease pain and inflammation, reduce the risk of soft-tissue injuries, and enhance your overall performance. This will not only help you recover quicker but also allows you to get more out of your workouts producing better results!

Stress and Wellness:

We have you sleeping better and getting more out of your workouts which will definitely help your overall wellness but how does massage specifically help with stress and anxiety? Massage stimulates the Vagus Nerve- the major parasympathetic nerve that connects to the whole body and tells it to relax. This has been known to decrease heart rate and lower blood pressure, but more importantly it lowers cortisol levels the “stress hormone” allowing the body to relax and promote a state of calm. With this new, relaxed mind set you can make better decisions in our personal and professional life, increase your patience, decrease stress and improve your mood.

Massage is no longer viewed as an indulgence, but as a significant component to achieving overall health, wellness and relaxation. People everywhere are beginning to recognize that massage helps to improve your life in so many ways. Let all of us at Active Bodyworx not only help your New Year’s resolution be a success, but help this year be your absolute best!!!!

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