What People are Saying

“For the last 8 years, Endurance Rehab has referred athletes to Active BodyWorX for deep tissue massage and recovery services. For our injured non-athletes, Active BodyWorX has provided a calm, clean, and peaceful environment for them to heal and restore mobility.”

—Nathan Koch, PT, ATC
Endurance Rehab

“Active BodyWorX is ultra professional and specific in meeting the individual needs of their clients!!! I would highly recommend them...they are the BEST!!!!”

—Doug Collins
Former NBA player
Former Coach of the Philadelphia 76ers

"Active BodyWorX has been a member of our sports medicine team for over 4 years. Their approach to soft tissue massage and manual therapy have helped our players immensely."

—Lonnie Soloff, PT, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
Cleveland Indians

The work Active BodyWorX does on my hips and legs helps me to stay loose and have better range of motion. Their work also helps in shortening my muscle recovery time. Adrian Aucoin
NHL Player

Active BodyWorX is knowledgeable and does outstanding deep tissue work. I'd highly recommend them. Travis Hafner
MLB Player