Active Bodyworx is proud to serve individuals from all walks of life and help them achieve their personalized health and wellness goals.

With over two decades of experience in sports massage, Sofie is the founder and owner of ActiveBodyWorX, a venture she established shortly after entering the industry. Graduating with honors from Ashmead College School of Massage Therapy in Seattle, WA, Sofie holds certification as a Massage Therapist. Specializing in Clinical/Sports Massage, Myofacial, Trigger Point Therapy, Stretching, Pregnancy, and Myofacial Restrictions, she caters to athletes of all levels, rehab clients, and individuals with lower back and neck issues. Using a range of techniques such as Myofascial, Trigger Points, Deep Tissue, Sports, Stretching, and Structural Realignment, Sofie is dedicated to realigning the body and alleviating pain. She particularly finds fulfillment in assisting patients post-surgery and in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Beyond her professional life, Sofie enjoys family time, working out, traveling, yoga, mountain biking, scuba diving, and embracing life's adventures.




Julissa, a graduate of the Cortiva Institute in Scottsdale, AZ, is a passionate Massage Therapist committed to ongoing education. She specializes in addressing neck, shoulders, hips, and spine issues, integrating her love for aromatherapy. Myofascial techniques form the core of her approach, complemented by disciplines like Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Stretching, Sports, and Deep Tissue massage. Julissa caters to diverse clients, from first-timers to professionals, customizing each session. She particularly enjoys assisting athletes in preparation and recovery, emphasizing the healing power of touch for both therapy and relaxation. Outside work, Julissa enjoys hiking, music, and family time.


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With a background in personal training, bodybuilding, and massage therapy, Gunner prioritizes optimizing the body's performance. Originally from Nebraska, he holds a Massage Therapy certification from the Omaha School of Massage. Gunner's extensive experience allows him to tailor massage techniques strategically to individual needs, including deep tissue, sports massage, stretching, and cupping/scraping. He takes pride in customizing each massage to address specific concerns, aiming to increase range of motion, reduce muscle tension, and enhance recovery. Outside of massage, Gunner enjoys bodybuilding, meal prepping, and spending time with his dog. His overall goal is to contribute to clients' fitness, health, and quality of life goals through personalized care.


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Heather is an accomplished massage therapist and former gymnast/professional coach for 15 years, is passionate about healing and structural mechanics. Certified by Gateway Community College in Phoenix, AZ, she specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, and stretching techniques, ensuring deep relaxation and comfort. Clients seek her expertise for relief from back and neck pain, young athletes, and first responders. Beyond massage, Heather holds a master’s degree in Philosophy and the Arts and enjoys outdoor activities, meditation, writing, drawing, playing the guitar, and quality time with her feline companions.


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Richard is a certified Medical Massage Therapist and master certified Neural Reset Therapist. He specializes in utilizing your nervous system to correct tension and movement pattern dysfunctions. His philosophy is that the nervous system controls everything and it is much easier to work with it than against it. Richard has successfully worked with diverse clients, ranging from weekend warriors to chronic pain sufferers and professional athletes. 


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Billie graduated from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy, where she honed her craft and mastered various modalities, including Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, and Swedish Massage. With extensive experience in day spas, resorts, medical spas, and even cruise ships, Billie has developed a therapeutic approach designed to provide deep relaxation and long-term benefits. She listens to client needs and analyzes anatomy to determine the best approach, ensuring therapy is not only relaxing but effective in reducing pain and realigning structure and posture. Whether you're seeking relaxation, pain relief, or improved posture, Billie's expertise can help you achieve your goals.


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At Active BodyWorX, our mission is to stop pain and boost your overall performance, catering to individuals from all walks of life. Our expert therapists understand the unique nature of each body and are committed to helping you achieve your own personalized health and wellness goals. Whether you're a gym rat, dedicated cyclist, passionate runner, fitness enthusiast, or simply someone who loves living an active lifestyle, our team is here to provide tailored massage experiences that align with your individual needs.

We go beyond the surface, conducting thorough assessments to understand your body's alignment and function. This commitment to personalized care extends to our upcoming recovery room, opening this spring, equipped with cutting-edge tools and equipment designed to expedite your body's healing process. Join us at Active BodyWorX to elevate your recovery, bounce back stronger, and embrace a healthier, more active life.

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