About Active BodyWorX

Active BodyWorX assists individuals of all walks of life to achieve their personalized health and wellness goals.

Meet Our Team

Sofie Walcker

Owner/Massage Therapist

Sofie has nearly 2 decades of experience in sports massage and has been running ActiveBodyWorX since she started it shortly after entering the industry. She received her certification as a Massage Therapist from Ashmead College School of Massage Therapy in Seattle, WA, where she graduated with honors. Through the years she has completed many courses involving Clinical/Sports Massage, Myofacial, Trigger Point Therapy, Stretching, Pregnancy, and Myofacial Restrictions.

Sofie works with athletes of all levels, weekend warriors, rehab clients, patients with lower back and neck issues/pain, and anyone else in need of a deep massage work using various techniques including Myofascial, Trigger Points, Deep Tissue, Sports, Stretching, and Structural Realignment. Sofie especially enjoys the rewarding work of helping patients after surgery, as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Most injuries are caused by some sort of imbalance, structurally (bones), or in the muscle/firing patterns. Using whatever modalities works best for each specific client, Sofie works with them to realign the body and decrease their pain/discomfort.

When Sofie is not working she enjoys spending time with family and friends, working out, traveling, yoga, mountain biking, scuba diving, and whatever else life brings her.

“Whether it’s sports related, postural or an accidental injury, I enjoy working with patients to realign body structure and get them back to enjoying daily life.”

—Sofie Walcker

Julissa Ross

Massage Therapist

Julissa’s techniques speak volumes about her passion for massage. She is a graduate of the Cortiva Insutute in Scottsdale, AZ, where she received her certification as a Massage Therapist. She is excited to continue her education by focusing her studies on better addressing issues of the neck, shoulders, hips and spine, as well as incorporating her passion for aroma therapy.

Myofascial techniques are the backbone to Julissa’s therapeutic approach, along with other disciplines such as Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Stretching, Sports massage, and Deep Tissue massage. Julissa has experience working with all walks of life ranging from first timers to massage veterans, pregnant women to professional athletes, and everyone in between. Each session is custom tailored to the needs of that client at that particular time. She enjoys helping athletes to prepare and recover from events and any injuries, and takes pride in her work. Julissa firmly believes in the healing power of the human touch and works to incorporate both therapeutic and relaxation into each session.

When Julissa is not working, she enjoys hiking, music, and spending quality time with her family.

“I aspire to naturally help with your healing process; physically, mentally and energetically. I’d love to physically become a part of your health and wellness plan, mindfully assist in understanding your body’s needs, and help increase your energy as massages can naturally assist with fatigue. My goal is to have you leave my table better than you arrived.”

—Julissa Ross


Gunner Fuelberth

Massage Therapist

With a background of experience in personal training, bodybuilding, and massage therapy, Gunner knows the importance of the body operating at
maximum capacity. Gunner’s extensive experience in all of these areas allows him to strategically tailor his massage techniques to meet each client’s individual needs.

Gunner is originally from Nebraska and received his certification of Massage Therapy from Omaha School of Massage in Omaha, Nebraska. Gunner understands the complexity of the human body, and he brings many techniques to the table in order to obtain the best results for you including deep tissue and sports massage, stretching, and cupping and scraping techniques. He takes pride in customizing each massage to the primary concerns of each individual.

When Gunner is not practicing massage therapy, he enjoys bodybuilding, meal prepping, spending time with his dog, and watching sports.

“The overall goal of my massage experience is to increase range of motion, reduce the tension of sore and stiff muscles, and enhance my client’s recovery. By utilizing passive stretching and adequate pressure through my massage, I also aim to increase circulation and lower stress levels. I look forward to coming alongside you to achieve your fitness, health, and quality of life goals.”

Brooklyn Robinson

Massage Therapist

“The overall goal of my massage experience is to increase range of motion, reduce tension of sore and stiff muscles, and enhance my client’s recovery.

I look forward to coming alongside you to achieve your fitness, health, and quality of life goals.”

Heather Dowler

Massage Therapist

Heather is an accomplished massage therapist with diverse expertise and a passion for healing. As a former gymnast and professional coach for 15 years, she developed a deep interest in the body’s structural mechanics, particularly in injury prevention and recovery. She received her massage certification from Gateway Community College in Phoenix, AZ. Heather specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, and stretching techniques and approaches each massage with a gentle, methodical precision that induces deep relaxation and ensures maximum comfort during deep tissue sessions. Her clients include those seeking relief from back and neck pain, young athletes, and first responders.
Beyond her massage skills, Heather holds a master’s degree in Philosophy and the Arts and enjoys outdoor activities, meditation, writing, drawing, playing the guitar, and spending quality time with her feline companions.