Our Massages

Every individual body is unique and so are our massages. Our therapists are trained to listen to your wants/needs and thoroughly assess your body’s alignment and function to come up with a personal plan for your session. By using a various of massage techniques (myofascial, trigger point, streching, ect) we can realign your bone structure to alleviate any discomfort and increase flexibility in all parts of the body. Schedule today and discover how good you can feel!!!
30 min- A great amount of time to focus thoroughly on one part of the body
60 min- Customized to your needs. This is generally a great amount of time to work through a couple of areas of discomfort while tackling some of the compensation patterns your body creates
90 min- Perfect for those who have multiple areas that need treatment.  Generally, it is incorporated into a full-body treatment but each session is customized to your needs.
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