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Key Medical Benefits:

Skin Health: Enhances skin vitality, reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of aging, and improves overall texture and tone.

Wound Healing: Accelerating the healing of wounds, cuts, and surgical incisions is a notable benefit, attributed to the promotion of collagen production crucial for wound recovery.

Hair Growth: Studies suggest its role in stimulating hair follicles, making it a potential remedy for androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness).

Reduced Inflammation: The anti-inflammatory properties make it effective for conditions like tendonitis and chronic inflammation.

Cell Regeneration: Believed to stimulate the regeneration & repair of damaged cells.

Mood and Sleep: Research hints at positive impacts on mood and sleep, presenting potential benefits for conditions like depression and sleep disorders

Contraindications for Red light therapy:

Despite its potential benefits, red light therapy may not be suitable for everyone, and precautions must be considered:


Individuals sensitive to light should avoid red light therapy as it may worsen their condition.

Skin Sensitivity: 

Caution is advised for individuals with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, as red light therapy may exacerbate symptoms.


Red light therapy should not be used on or near active cancerous tumors due to concerns about promoting tumor growth.


Individuals with photosensitive epilepsy, prone to seizures, should avoid red light therapy due to potential triggering effects.

Pregnant Individuals: 

Due to limited understanding, it's generally advised to avoid red light therapy

*It's crucial for individuals to be aware of their own health conditions and consult with a healthcare professional if there are uncertainties about the suitability of cold plunging and/or red light therapy. 

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